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clixGalore's Email Policy

clixGalore Affiliate Marketing operates in full compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

clixGalore does not engage in sending unsoliticed "Spam" email to consumers and has a strict "anti-spam" policy.

On creating an account at clixGalore Affiliates are asked if they wish to opt in to receiving emails of the following nature:

  1. New Merchants That Have Joined clixGalore
  2. From Merchants To Their Affiliates
  3. clixGalore's Monthly Newsletter
  4. Merchants Looking For New Affiliates
Additionally when an email of the above type is sent, an immediate opt out link is provided within the body of that email.

As an Affiliate Marketing network, regrettably some members may engage in sending unsoliticed "Spam" emails containing clixGalore tracking links. Emails of this nature are not generated or condoned by clixGalore Affiliate Marketing. Any member found undertaking such practices has violated the clixGalore membership agreement and approprate action will be taken. If you have been the recipient of such an email please forward the original email to our customer care address.

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