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Merchant Program: You Can Survive Terror  View More Information About The Program
Description: In the terrifying atmosphere of terror attacks in Europe, US and World wide, we offer to help people handle the threat. We sell manuals (ebooks) that teach how to survive terror attacks.These manuals were written by an experienced expert (consultant to the FBI). We are leveraging people fear and anxiety from terrorist attacks to distribute and sell this as a solution to uncertainty. We reached 10% CTR in our social campaigns - people see this as relevant and valuable!

Welcome to our affiliate program. We reached a 10% CTR on our social campaigns. Rates are planned to be higher.


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US$30.00 Per SaleKill your Family
Terrorists wants to kill your family. Protect them today!
US$30.00 Per SaleLearn how to protect
Learn how to protect your family from terrorism TODAY!
US$30.00 Per SaleKill many people mig
Islamic terrorists wants to kill as many people as they can. You are in danger! Learn how to protect yourself today.
US$30.00 Per SaleTerrorism can strike
Islamic terrorism can strike you and your family at any time!
US$30.00 Per SaleCan you spot a terro
Can you spot a terrorist in a crowd? No? Learn how today!
US$30.00 Per SaleKILL FAM Yellow
US$30.00 Per SaleSpot in crowd RED
US$30.00 Per SaleSpot in crowd BLUE
US$30.00 Per Salevictim hero RED
US$30.00 Per SaleProtect family 1

If you HAVE a username/password and would like to join this affiliate program, please log in first.

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